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Fresh Trax!: Divine Virtual Reality - A New Life (A New Beginning Mix)

Divine Virtual Reality has been keeping busy in 2018, the sanguine Texas-based Industrial act releasing a full length album as well as several singles and remixes. Keeping up the trend of aggressive acid-infused dancefloor smashers with an extremely psychedelic vibe, he releases another one for you this time entitled "A New Life (A New Beginning Mix)". Droning and aggressive, with tortured vocals, you can catch the track on his official Soundcloud:


I begged you to come home I watch you run away into a new life I put all my time and money into our dreams Only to come out empty handed in the end

You took my love, you took my child You took away the only thing(part)that makes me whole I thought you were the one for me? I thought you'd never let me go I thought we were in love for real? I thought you'd never let me down I thought you were the one for me ? I thought you never let me go

But, (You let me go x4)

Be sure to listen to his music and follow him on his various musical streaming platforms:

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