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New Album: Elvis Einstein - Passion Of A Dying God

Continually refining his craft, slowly evolving into a more coherent and defined artist with each release, Elvis Einstein's latest masterpiece "Passion Of A Dying God", much like it's predecessor, tops the one that came before with increased intensity, lyrical and musical prowess, and mixing clarity. Serving you up a dishing of your favorite Einstein trademarks: synths ranging from distorted and dancey to ominous and mysterious, bass lines that conjure up your favorite electro-industrial and industrial rock nostalgia, distorted guitars that either creep and crawl across the track in a haunting ambiance or crush their way forward in perfect shocker rocker intensity, and all of it is topped with Einstein's creepy horror-inspired vocals and lyrics. Fans of Marilyn Manson or KMFDM will most likely find themselves at home in this release.

Never one to shy away from introspective and religious themes, this album probably hits on these themes the hardest. Maybe it's a sign of a maturing artist, or the trying time's we are at in humanity as a whole, whatever the case, some serious darkness has inspired this artist, and apparently all for the better. Six albums in this Canadian shock rocker only shows signs of continual improvement. Giving his strongest release to date, and best produced (self-produced at that, so give the man some props for the skill needed to compose, record, and produce it all himself), if there's ever been a time to jump on the Elvis Einstein trip it's now!

Catch the album on his official Bandcamp for digital download:

Check out Elvis Einstein on his official Facebook:

And either download the album or purchase the CD on his official Bandcamp:

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