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New Album : $cam Jone$ - Pressed EP

$cam Jone$ has been a player on the local British Columbian electronic music scene for close to a decade now, taking on a variety of alias from Panther Pyramid, to Tepco Bushes, and now $cam Jone$, each form taking on a new aesthetic and sound. Finally settling himself on a solid and consistent backdrop of wisp and airy soundscapes, bubbly and resonant leads, and crisp trap inspired drums, he manages to take this base inspiration and dart through a variety of different tempos and timbres, each sounding fresh in it's approach but consisent in it's deamonor to the whole project. A nice solid 4 track EP giving you a taste of what's to come from this professional sounding producer. You can find the short and sweet release on his official Soundcloud, link below​:

Get up to date information at $cam Jone$'s official Facebook:

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