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Review: Burial Grid - Where We Go

Starting with a fluttery and bubbly intro track that walks the lines in between Vaporwave and Electronica in a smooth abstract ambient presentation, it's confusing array of sounds slowly builds up into a strange blending of delayed and detuned synthetics. Haunting repetitive vocal samples and huge saw-pads draw in for a final crescendo over a delayed and glitchy sounding drum beat. Quite the entrance for this short, but engaging IDM release created by Northampton based Dark Electronica producer Burial Grid. Much of the album continues in a similar vein, with rich warm atmospheres, delayed glitched out drums, pulsing electronics, and sweet soothing melodies whipping and warping out of each other in dense moving soundscapes of synthesizer bliss. Leaning more on the ambient side of the IDM genre, with lush reverbs and droning passages finding themselves present through a decent amount of the album, this album may be a bit to slow for some looking for an electronica album with drive, but for those looking for a deep evolving almost-meditative experience this album will be for you. Drawing you in with excellent sound choices and well crafted melodies, this is certainly one of the treasurers in the electronic underground. Check the release out for download on his official Bandcamp:

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Stream his music for free on his official Soundcloud:

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