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Music Video: Venture - Strike The Anode

Smooth and serene, emotive and beautifully expressive, Venture just cannot help himself but gush pure honesty all through this short but powerful new single. Combining his signature mixture of R&B croon and hip-hop inspired poetry, backed with an equally as tranquil beat provided by BLANDIE, our favorite Maryland producer, this track will have you engaged from beginning to end. Silky smooth electronic pianos drift through the song effortlessly, packed by a contrastingly crisp drum beat, all mixed together with Venture's defining vocals, you get an alluring package you'll find yourself putting on repeat.

The song is presented with a music video that is so perfectly simple, it works. Electric psychedelic effects give just enough jump out, in combination with the frequent perspective changes, that the sole focus on Venture's character really manages to pull itself off. It helps that he's a pleasurable fellow to look at, as stylish and charismatic as ever. The stunning video was done by Michael Thomas Christie of the TCO Collective, and you can find the video on his official YouTube channel:

Keep up to date with their latest activities on their official Facebook pages:

Download his music on his official Bandcamp:

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