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Fresh Trax! : $cam Jone$ - 3:33am(lateniteinthearlymorntheygatheroundme)

Sounding as slick and polished as ever, $cam Jone$ unleashes his latest musical dandy, a truly vibrant electronica-infused instrumental hip-hop piece entitled "3:33am(lateniteinthearlymorntheygatheroundme)". Living up to it's name, the is beckoning and inviting in a mysterious fashion, with some serious late night vibes to the melodies and sound choices. Ethereal, moody, crystalline, this is definitely a psychedelic sounding song in instrumentation, but in composition, it's very composed and put together giving you a very specific guided voyage through it's chambers of bass and melody Check out this stellar piece of tuneage on his official Soundcloud​:

Get up to date information at $cam Jone$'s official Facebook:

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