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Review: Zwaremachine - Be A Light

Moving along with a steady march, the pulsing mechanical sounds of Zwaremachine latest release "Be A Light", will be a familiar one to anyone who kept up with the modern old-school EBM revival movement. Keeping things stripped back and simple, most of the tracks have a focus on thick as hell basslines, crisp and pounding drum machine supplemented percussion, and some mildly distorted border-line spoken word lyricism. Despite their condensed and on-point formula, that may be a bit to tried and true for some, this release packs a solid punch all the way throughout. I found the music oddly meditative in it's presentation, despite it's aggressive tone, with all of their rolling arpeggios making such perfect loops you rarely question their repetition.

The synth sounds themselves are one of the most standout elements of the music (as they should be), glowing with analog warmth and have a depth and fatness to them that makes them memorable. Thick and juicy, every bassline booms through the speakers carrying the tracks forward with a hypnotic intensity. And to keep things spiced up, there is a bit of an electro-industrial vibe to many of the songs, with some interesting synth lines and samples being sparsely integrated into them to show you there's flavor to add to the meat the band so readily provides. Overall, this release won't win over anyone who's not already infused into the hard electronic dance market, but to anyone who's got some rivethead tendencies this is a highly enjoyable album and will totally fill your itch for some fresh quality EBM.

Follow Zwaremachine on their official Facebook to keep up to date with the project:

Their album comes out in full May 1st, check out some of the tracks in preview (as well as have the option to pre-order the release) on their official Bandcamp:

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