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Fresh Trax!: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - The Strangers Voice

Serene and beautiful, philosophical and introspective, not things that you normally associate with EDM pop music. But these masters of the the unconventional truly make this unique combination work in the most perfect of ways. In one of their more calmer tracks, Tunnelmental truly show the more graceful side of their sound, with an extremely downtempo-based composition. Providing one of the smoothest and most psychedelic sounding expositions of our modern surveillance state (yes, you heard me right), the lyrics are poignant and tackle one of the greatest issues of our age, all without falling into terminology and complexities that detract from the catchyness of the music. You'll find yourself singing along, "You’re lost within this matrix, The dreams are all too real, The voice is loud within me, It tells me how to feel", or humming to the infectious melodies, only to realize what it actually is you're thinking about. Truly an experiment in how to make thought provoking subjects relatable to a modern generation, this music does this solidly, and accomplishes so much more.

Download this release, or any of their excellent releases, on their official Bandcamp:

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