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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Broke With Expensive Wastes

Understanding the plight of the Fap requires a certain level of education in disregard and debauchery. Hands down, if you haven't drunk your own piss out of a wine glass while taking a shit on a golden toilet while masturbating to pictures of clowns, then you probably might not get where I'm going with this. So I'll stop rambling and let the music terrify you some more. Enjoy my expensive wastes, and make sure to pay up if you sympathize, otherwise, my slush fun(d) will dry right up.

This is the eighth single from M-Fap's upcoming FREE grimy lo-fi album entitled "Return Of The Mayo Man". Download the track on his official Bandcamp:

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Or alternatively listen to the track on his official Soundcloud:

Get the official M-Fap "Nothing Butt Beast" T-Shirt, Hoodie, Pillow and more on the official Infidel Netwerk Redbubble Merchandise Store:

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Flippin' burgers, like I'm flippin' smack, I always wanted to be a dealer, but I had no tact, So McDonald's became the only real game, And no one played it better than you know the name, So watch out it's an M-Fap attack, Always ready to wolf back three big macs, I'm always broke but seem to got doe to spend It doesn't matter to me about how I depend Or what flare I disguise my underwear with Pink frills and diamond grillz Paid off? Nah, I got debts and bills Lining up ready to devour me I’m just another piece of fresh meat Cause all the money goes to pointless things Nothing but guns and platinum rings Whitest faker alive, you’ll never see a better kind, I am the realest playa, I’m just one of a kind, Always on the fringe, people see my life and cringe Look at my habits, might as well have a syringe

Broke with expensive wastes Or that’s how its viewed externally You ain’t really lookin' from my place So why do you keep bothering me? I’m not the real problem But all the blame is cast down Take a look at your own state And the truth will finally be shown

The way that I'm viewed, I'm worse than a junkie At least some of them have money perpetually You need dough to feed the dragon The only thing I be chasing Is a dream a little existential Don't subscribe to pharmaceuticals, sorry I haven't bought into the capitalist vision Only get what I need, do the bare minimum Don’t lack empathy, got my priorities So don’t go and be fucking with me Some find me safe, but I’m on fire I'm not dead yet, you’re not off the wire Got a monsoon of emotion ready to outpoor Raging down from above, right from the stars


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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