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Fresh Trax! : Venus de Vilo - Crazy For You (NecroMix)

Rockin' again in epic as form as ever, the ultimate gothic duo Venus de Vilo & Elvis Einstein team up to create a super spooky, super dancey industrial rock remix off her 2014 track Crazy For You. Featuring groovy as hell thick bass lines, moody strummed guitar, thick pounding industrial drums, and a pulsing and modulating haunting organ synth which will infect your mind with his spooky melodies. Topping it all is the truly riveting and powerful vocalist Venus de Vilo who moves between a beautiful and soft croon and a powerful banshee shriek. Truly a track that maximizes on it's potential for dark, but groovy, atmospheres. Catch it for free streaming on Venus De Vilo's Soundcloud:

Follow Venus de Vilo on her official Facebook:

Follow Elvis Einstein on his official Facebook:

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