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Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Eternal Flow

Refusing to break steam, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly, the introspective and politically oriented Californian based EDM/Trip-Hop fusion group you've been hearing so much about on The Infidel Netwerk, has released another excellent single, accompanied by a collage of psychedelically mashed together video imagery. As we have grown to love, the music video entertainingly brings us through mixtures of juxtaposed imagery which blend together in a dreamlike blur, more portraying a metaphorical presentation then a literally story, with themes of the decadence of modernity, and the oppression it brings to us. However it's not all doom and gloom as the lyrics croon to you to break free of our chains. There is hope after all, we just need to connect to whatever's left of our true selves within, and rebel against the world's apathy and corruption. Or so it all seems? Excellent and catchy video and song none-the-less, check it out on their official YouTube channel, along with a host of other great content:

Download this release, or any of their excellent releases, on their official Bandcamp:

Follow Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly on their official Facebook:

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