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Fresh Trax!: LICH - Reptilian (demo)

LICH, the dark mysterious wasteland wanderer has returned with his post-apocalyptic sound of raw nihilistic darkness. Bleep bloop the machine-like pulses echo throughout the track acting as a mechanical metronome driving this track forward that manages to slowly slither right into your soul. Dark distorted synthetic hits and walls of noisy pads crawl throughout the track like a dark haunting reminder of the vast emptiness of the anti-world which the LICH inhabits is far to like our own. Pulling continually farther into entropy are the equally creepy and processed vocals never relenting in their dark torment. Enjoy his first musical dishing in a while, a demo from his upcoming new album, a weird and haunting track named "Slither" on his official Soundcloud for free streaming:

Follow his latest activities on his official Facebook:

Download his previous albums on his official Bandcamp:

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