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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Rotten To The Core

Endlessly grasping at an existential carrot none will ever reach, finding meaning in a senselessly destructive world where your very participation requires a cognitive dissonance simply to accept. Separating from our fundamental identities, we're all slowly going insane, knowingly participating in the disgustingly distasteful, celebrating it all like we don't know the hidden agenda behind this most sinister play against all of our brothers and sisters of humanity. But oh well, who care's, let's just go and chug another beer, read a copy of the Satanic Bible, and give up all of our ideals to watch the world burn.

This is the sixthh single from M-Fap's upcoming FREE grimy lo-fi album entitled "Return Of The Mayo Man". Download it on his official Bandcamp:

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Ah, you’ve found me, I’m not as fresh as you thought Rotten to the core I’m not you want to be caught With even if you are the one to be doing the catching You’ll quick be a relenting, cause Silly little rabbit, M-Fap isn’t for kids Or adults, or really anyone with locks safely on the lid Of their inner pandora’s box, a world of demons I’ve already let them out, this ain’t no religion But I guess that’s how we really got here in the first place It’s sort of a simple fascination with distaste A colosseum composed of false desires Created as we try to elevate ourselves farther Into a made up oblivion we all esteem Drifting through irrelevancies like a dream Grasping at a false point none can reach The endless carrot whose only purpose is to provide A grand deception under which we all hide It's the reason we accept this decrepit state Washed in with love and gold, shit and hate Knowingly participating in the disgustingly distasteful Our lives are endlessly streams of wasteful Indulgences meant to cover up past infractions But we just keep building them like a mountain Echoing concerns of the legibility of my identity Don’t you know I’m really just the enemy Split sections of my personality co-existing in one frame A walking spontaneous combustion gone completely insane Lost in the sins, of all that has been, And is to come, for all that is to be done, Some might consider me a bit headstrong But I like to think that I’m the real Anton


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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