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Fresh Trax!: Alan Larsen - The Grid (ft M-Fap)

Teaming up for an awesome fusion of styles Alan Larsen and M-Fap have crafted the insanely destructive sounding The Grid. Pounding with agressive chugging guitars, whining analog synth leads, and non-stop barrage of mentally disturbed authority challenging lyrics spat at you with a rapcore intensity you may be unfamiliar with. Nothing but pure raw intensity through and through, for those interested in hip-hop fused with metal, this is a great track for you.

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Fight to suppress the urge to splurge Grim reaper in the shoulder, easy to diverge Shrouded in misery, because you refused mystery, The path of the sheep was never gonna be easy, The narrow way seems like the only path, Until into the rivers of truth you’ve been cast. Distant horizon, nothing but a lonely wreck Don’t become another half-lived degenerate Disobey with attitude, it won’t be our dungeon Only inaction will construct our own ruin Don’t let the bastards of the old world Tell you things will always be bitter and cold Only with construction of a new world order Can we finally point out the accusing fingers For no palace can be torn down without answers Solutions will be our glorious power

Swish and swagger, my hands got a dagger Masonic inscriptions will go past your detection, Till the triangle comes right out in the open, Hidden intentions linked to the pagan Altar interiors, cavern corridors Stairs leading into hidden horrors Dastardly fiending savage mirrors Now my consciousness couldn’t be clearer Any moment of weakness will be exposed Even those times where you said god would know All that you believed is floating away Now on your bile chokin’ today Cause the vitriol you drink in so complete The faux spirituality you suck in so deep It gave you a feeling of entitled arrogance Probably instilled by some gold tongued parents Or by the flip side of redneck abuse It don’t matter what fuels your prejudice You're weak it determines your future Control is something you learn from the masters Snap back to it, before you go back in time Or else you’ll be brought to a new paradigm That may not exactly make two shits of sense Lost in the far realms as you checked your pants As you get older things get clearer And you realize you’re in the wrong theater Colder than ice, fiercer than flame After you embrace, you’ll never be the same

Our endless edge for persistent adaptability Cannot be bred out of the nature of humanity Take a step back and take deep a breath Growing overnight, can you feel the senselessness

Going blind in the middle of the street Set yourself free, or you’re gonna be incomplete One last party, that will never miss, One last summer, till I take my final piss Gave it all chance, but now I’m reaching up, I don’t give to shits about a half empty or full cup, By any means, I’ll snatch up all my dreams, And walk away without telling you what it means, The moon screaming, “Yesod won’t accept thee” But I give the middle finger, and say “go ahead reject me” Cause I’ll come in cleaver style blades a swinging Nothing can stop me, not even my own killing, Nothing they can, will, might do to this vessel, Can stop my rise to the next level, Open up that third eye, blast it open till you die Lost in the gaze of infinity


Beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Alan Larsen

Vocals & lyrics Matt "theProphet" Smith

Check out Matt's other musical projects:

Jenova Project:

Transhumanist at:

Izkrist at:

Ultra LHT Voyeur at: LICH vs Jenova Project at:

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