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Fresh Trax!: Venture - FUDO

Giving you his first single from his next release "Dirty Rotten Swamp", Venture brings you the deep and emotional "FUDO". String and flute driven, with a simple somber sound, his flows on this track is the most hip-hop out of the stuff he's released recently, calmly and pronounce rhyming "Devil man devil man / Everyone jealous of what I can do / Better man better man / Swear to god I could better for you / I bustin' like megaman / Changing my apathy into the proof / I'm devil man devil man / Everyone scared of the things I can do" his perfect mixture of bravado and honest self-reflection working so well to make the lyrics that much more intimate. Not abandoning his R&B sound though, there's still a decent amount of blended singing work, making this song a true standout showoff of his diverse talents. Catch the track for free streaming on his official Soundcloud:

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