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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Mad Men's Moonshine (Holy Waterz Pt. I)

Darting from one place to the next, out on a night of prowl nothing can put the Fap in his place but a sweet taste of the mad men's moonshine, the holiest of waterz. A drink made for a king, to bring him on an adventure of a lifetime, this is just the beginning of the madness that is to come.

M-Fap's return continues with his fourth single from his upcoming FREE album "Return Of The Mayo Man".

Download the track at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" (including FREE) price on his official Bandcamp:

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Ah yeah, you’re just one of a kind I just can’t seem to get you off my mind Your sweet taste drippin all over me You’re a fine liquor, and you’re practically free Your my sweet luxury that keeps me at bay Without you I don’t know how I’d behave The jury's in and you are a fine dessert Meant to be served at the king's court Flick of my finger, some mad majestic maneuvers Having a good time, with this Vancouver cougars Their man's out on the club tonight While he's got some honey, I'm fucking her tight Little pussy, kegels are really something When you're use to lose little 20 somethings So many mad nights of mature impurity Like an aged wine getting the best of me, Disorderly conduct done with such grace The way I rub my semen all over her face It makes you just wanna go take a taste However if you want me to stay buy me a case Of mad men's moonshine it's how I stay one of a kind I don't wanna go fine dining down in your dirty rinds If I don't have my mental lubrication down tight You know what I need baby right? I want it tight, but I have to take a sip right? You think you seen something, it’s quite a sight But baby I’m telling you it’s half the story So go get my moon waterz before I worry Sippin on shine, like it's holy waters Living in the drank time, am I seeing two sisters? I'm ready to kill the pussy Gone by the morn, I'm free and flighty Cruising, my stomach won’t stop churnin' My perception of time just keeps on slurrin' Expensive tastes on a beggar's budget You'd be surprised to see how I brew it Holy hell, I’m at it again, on the fence should I tip the wagon Roar like a dragon, fuck like a dog with a piece of bacon Woah! Hold back, I’ve been doing to much drinkin’ When my legs say I should be dancing Which is about the time I remember whereabouts I am Cruising in the back of a black sedan And this is only after a few swigs After the bottle, only imagine the shindig That I could produce, procure, pull out of thin air The freakier, the stranger, the more the merrier


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Check out Matt's other musical projects:

Jenova Project:

Transhumanist at:

Izkrist at:

Ultra LHT Voyeur at: LICH vs Jenova Project at:

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