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Review: Lilith My Mother - Lilith My Mother

Thick analog sounding, to the verge of pleasant distortion, synthesized arpeggios roll across the dark melodic atmospheric pads that provide the bedding for a majority of the tracks. Spooky choral and symphonic epicness adds to the mix to create a truly larger then life sound. These are the sort of sonic experiences you'll be expecting on Lilith My Mother's self-titled debut release. Haunting yet whimsically upbeat, this band can't quite seem to figure out if they're trying to be an electro-industrial or futurepop act, and in the end this release benefits between the artists' successful attempts at sonic merging. Though already similar in stylistic origin, Lilith My Mother manages to perfectly balance the aggression and grit of the industrial elements with the melody and pop song structure sensibilities you'll find in futurepop, all without sacrificing the epicness of either. Verging between dark and brooding, and dancy and uplifting, depending on track to track, or even moment to moment, they certainly know how to keep their audience entertained. Though this album manages to keep it's pop sensibilities throughout most of the album, it still manages to keep a thick occult-sound to the release. Lush mysterious ambiances and ominous choral sounds populate various melodramatic breakdowns that find themselves popping up on certain tracks, with the sinister sounding lyrics either being whispered, crooned, or screamed depending on the intensity that moment needs, all creating some extremely emotional moments throughout the album. However, despite the atmospheric nature of the songs, most tracks still manage to feature some pretty interesting electro breakdowns, with squealing distorted leads and thick and aggressive basses that will make dark electro fans quite happy. Truly packing it all, I'd highly recommend any of you rivetheads out there to check this out!

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