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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Cookin' Crêpes (Breakfast Everyday)

Everday I'm living like I just don't care, cookin' up a crêpes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I got sauce in my mouth, and sauce on my cake, sauce on my dick, some sauce to make a mistake, so enjoy my disgrace, and I'll give you a taste, succulent baby it's not something you wanna miss, give me a blow, and I'll give you a kiss.

M-Fap's return continues with his second single from his upcoming FREE album, "Return Of The Mayo Man".

Download the track at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" (including FREE) price on his official Bandcamp:

Stream the song on The Infidel Netwerk YouTube channel:

Or alternatively listen to the track on his official Soundcloud:

Get the official M-Fap "Nothing Butt Beast" T-Shirt, Hoodie, Pillow and more on the official Infidel Netwerk Redbubble Merchandise Store:

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I got crêpes cooking up on the oven Yeah man, just cause I be lovin’ Breakfast for every meal of the day Never boring always find a new way I got crepes cooking up on the oven Yeah man, just cause I be lovin’ Breakfast for every meal of the day Never growing up, no no way

Sippin syrup the maple kind Canadian, that’s how I fine dine Gonna make my way to the desert Aunt Jemima, Ha! Barely a start Three bottles in, haven’t finished cooking the pancakes Now is the debate, do I have time to masterbate Chokin’ the chicken before I scramble the eggs And I don’t mean the one’s in between my legs Unless you’re talking about the cock reference Talking in riddles has its consequences Now I know I’m taking a detour But ain’t that always been the allure Of the M-Fap brand it's beyond the sound And for watching a man beating it while cooking in a wedding gown I’m an experience one has to see to believe And once you do, you just might wanna leave


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Check out Matt's other musical projects:

Jenova Project:

Transhumanist at:

Izkrist at:

Ultra LHT Voyeur at: LICH vs Jenova Project at:

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