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New Album! : Catgotwasted - Bones EP

Presenting his latest multi-song release, Catgotwasted brings you another dishing of eccentric IDM tunage, meant to jostle the mind and body (if you choose to get funky with the rhythm) in all sorts of new and progressive directions. Keeping you attentive from front to back, this release has enough sonic layers and musical changeups that anyone with a taste of experimental electronic will get their due fill on thes three uniquely different but all interesting tracks which can be found on Catgotwasted's "Bones EP". Catch the release on his official Bandcamp for digital download:


1. Bones

2. Sound On Sound (Remix)

3. Love Is Your Savior

Get up to date information at Catgotwasted's official Facebook:

You can download many of Catgotwasted's track's on his official Bandcamp:

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