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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Visions

Walking like an automaton through processes of endless mindless interactions, our higher self-being lost into a sea of mediocrity and ambiguous ambivalence. Can we not step past the indifferent lack of participation in human consciousness? Or is this the new state of human consciousness. From what I can see the only answer is to fight, for if we have any willpower at all this may be our last chance to exert it. Fight for your right to live, fight for your right to think, and believe in the potential for your higher self... even if all of your beliefs are just delusional visions from the madness within, take inspiration when you can get it, for spiritual fuel is in short supply.

M-Fap has returned, with his first single from his upcoming FREE album, "Return Of The Mayo Man".

Download the track at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" (including FREE) price on his official Bandcamp: Stream the song on The Infidel Netwerk YouTube channel:

Or alternatively listen to the track on his official Soundcloud:

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Optimized interactions guided by automation methods Feelin’ like a golem guided by a higher presence Autonomous, not so sure, programming could be wicked Instinctually left to believe something’s worth being saved Dependent on spiritual software so I can commute If this is a simulation, I want it to reboot Champion of oppressed, I’m always trying my best, But it's getting harder to care when everyone fades like rust I’m just standing here contemplating my existence Whether free will is just another religious experience Beamed from a consciousness, but not necessarily from us We seem to have this perpetual arrogance Believing that we discovered the process of thought When it's really the thought in which we get caught Every second counts, but every second burns So my friend what have we learned? Visions from the future, things don’t get any clearer Really did I expect them to get better? Haven’t I been attended this mystery school of pain Beginning, middle, and end is always been suffering Bursting with tremendous potential Never reaching maturity we all fall to the battle Internal forces relaying friction, internal static ringing Piercing through my ears even as I’m denying Any formal acknowledgment to the extraction process Of my subconscious trying to locate what I suppress Sometimes it feels like a matter of life and death As I dig deeper, will this be my last breath? Some realizations end up becoming so consuming They devour you before you get to understanding What you’ve truly got laid in front of your eyes So turn the page, don’t let it be a surprise Forever, you got a paddle down the river Eventually, you tip, are you a sinker or swimmer?


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith Original image done by Enrique Meseguer, and digitally edited by Matt "theProphet" Smith You can find Enrique Meseguer's other work on Pixabay:

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