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Review!: Wasted Potency - Wasted Time EP

Laid-back flow bouncing to slow to midtempo grooves make up the basic rhythm you'll find on this chill release of drugged out tongue in cheek (quite cheeky at that!) rhymes. Continually making mention of his weed use, the size of his manhood, various millennial troupes (such as fast food, video game, and pop culture references), and a seemingly satirical mixture of eccentric bravado and self-deprecatory potty humor, he keeps his release entertaining from party beginnings to somber endings. However, despite his silly presentation, his actual rhyme structure delivers vivid enough verbs and adjectives to give you a picture of what a stroll through is life might be like. And what a ride it'll be, endless dabs, drinks, and all forms of mental intoxication guiding you through all sorts of jilted social situations. Though not drowning in lyrical diversity, mostly focusing on his rapping skills, the drugs he's taking, fucked up situations he finds himself in, and sexual escapades he triumphs, he makes up for lack of variety in content by having the release have an overall solid presentation. His vocals never falter, and he manages to throw enough lyrical wordplay to keep his stoner party rap content interesting. Not to mention, near the ending of the EP things take a bit more of an introspective nature, looking at the darker aspects of the situations around him, a somber reflection acting as a perfect ending to the release. Also, regarding the instrumental aspect of the album, the beats while all being laid back don't completely drown into ambient washes like so much of the "chiller rap" these days, instead managing to get some distinct focus on some clear melodies and grooves. Short and powerful, this release stands as an enjoyable debut mixtape EP for Wasted Potency. I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoys some good ol' fashioned stoner rap, that has a bit of a darker mercurial nature to it.

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