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Review: LOKO5T4R - Mexican Devil

Gritty and industrial through and through, this crashing and booming release filled with metallic clanging drum machine punches and gritty pulsing arpeggiators never looses it's bombastic energy all the way throughout the 45+ minutes of aggro industrial madness that is LOKO5T4R's 2017 album "Mexican Devil". Snares as crisp and distorted as you can pleasurably get them answer equally saturated and intense machine-like kick, propelling most tracks forward in true industrial march fashion. Harsh and rapidly delivered vocals, which focus on intensity and strength instead of raw processing (not that there isn't processing, it's just the vocals feel like they derive a lot of strength naturally, and are not "all effects, no substance" as heard in some other bands in the "dark electro/aggrotech" scene) give the tracks a high level of organic energy. This matches well to the uppity melodic trance-inspired leads and arpeggiators that proliferate most of them, giving the album a feel reminiscent of early Grendel material. Agression + Melody when done well, like on this release, can make for a truly enjoyable release. Though sticking to most of the typical electro Gothic troupes regarding song structure, melodic content, sound choices, and lyrical content, this release excels less on originality but in sheer conciseness of the delivery. Though not a "polished release" in the sense that it's mix is the best of it's quality, it's more that the release overall solidly conveys the energy of the artist. They do this by keeping the overall main elements of the sections clear and loud, and by having the musical sections in each individual track never outlasting their welcome, with the transition from one another happening appropriately and smoothly. And despite the album not breaking new ground, it does manage to keep the sonic toning varied enough that you never feel like it's bashing your head with it's non-stop four to the floor intensity. Including some ambient breakdowns, as well as tracks that go on the softer and chiller side of hard dance (you'll understand what I mean if you listen to the album all the way throughout, you'll see the comparison in tempos and sound choices with some tracks taking more of an aggressive sound choice and structure, with others being 'softer'), there is definitily a sense of thought out pacing and movement as you from track to track. Overall, if you're already into aggrotech, dark electro, or electro-industrial with an EBM flavor, and you're not looking for so much groundbreaking material as a really solidly well put together release, then this is definitily going to be your thing.

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