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Review: Droid Sector Decay - National Union Of World Murders EP

Staring off with a thick dull blast of a beat, only to move to a far more frantic and aggressive monster filled with a variety of different distortion scrapes, overdriven percussion, and low pulsing synth basslines, the intensity never subsides in the early moments of this release. Keeping the rhythmic noise formula consistent throughout most of this release, but adding a variety of different paces (ranging from mid-tempo noisy and groovy beats to rather quick and violent sounding noisecapes) and instrumentation (from low drones, to hollow bells, clanging of metal pipes to the whine of guitar feedback, and so much more) to the mix to keep things interesting, this album solidly manages to keep it's high caliber tempo from beginning to end. From it's compressed gritty arpeggiators that either appear, or even dominate, many of the tracks, to the frantic blasts of distortion perfectly paced, the album never stops feeling like a war march. I continually imagine being behind a turret shooting down hoards of giant alien insects as they appear at you in mass numbers. Relentless driving nature aside, which many might even consider a bonus considering the nature of the rhythmic noise genre, this album is extremely engaging and makes excellent background music for workout, driving, video gaming, or any "high paced" style activity, and would be enjoyed by any fan of Industrial Dance and Rhythmic Noise. A highlight of the album can be found in the full out Electro-Industrial track "Hate", which features full on vocals, a fair amount of tonal variety including an outright breakdown part, and some slick overall production. Check out some of his music free streaming on his official Soundcloud:

Follow Droid Sector Decay's activities on his official Facebook profile:

Purchase a copy or download the album on Underground Industrial Record's official Bandcamp:

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