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Review: Schwefelgelb - Den Umgekehrten Atem

Hard hitting leaving you ready to rock your head and stomp your feet, "Den Umgekehrten Atem" is a perfect example of how to craft some excellent old school sounding Industrial Techno grooves. Packed into this short release is nothing but high energy electronics meant to keep the pace moving. This small but powerful extended play is packed from beginning to end with stylistic grace, crisp mixing, and a solid balance between repetition and transition. Rhythm and bass dominate the majority of the tracks, but they do so to great effectiveness, creating a sense of urgency with minimal ingredients necessary, which fuels the liveliness present on this release from beginning to end. Despite the short nature of the release, being only four tracks, it still manages to clock over 20 minutes long, with all of the tracks but one pushing past the 5 minute mark. Despite the brevity of the album, but long length of the tracks, nothing manages to overstretch itself, especially if using the music as background music to off roading, working out, or hard nights of serious video gaming. Serving as a perfect "driving ambiance" for whatever activities you are looking to do, this release will only leave you wishing for more.

Download the album on their official Bandcamp for 4 euro:

Check out their official website to get a lowdown on the project: Follow their official Facebook to get all the latest details on their activities:

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