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Review: Trevor Something - Death Dream

Moody and groovy, this slick washed out affair of tranquil indietronica is an excellent presentation of what the best of the many genres it touches upon has to offer. Moving through the echoey chambers of warehouse electronic music, only to dance through the halls of indie rock, finishing with a somber saunter through the dark atmospheres of industrial synthwave, this eclectic artist manages to keep the album cohesive with consistently smooth and reverbent vocals that just ooze a captivatingly enigmatic appeal. Calculatedly atmospheric, and decisively underground sound, in that lo-fi way you'd find all to prevalent in the Indie Rock scene, with loud reverb and long delays stretching the music across your sound system in a distinct pulse, they still manage to keep things distinct and exhilarating by taking some cues from modern dance music and incorporating a larger then life spacial intensity you'd expect from your typical titillating club smasher. Occasionally taking the time to glitch out, naturally placed accents and fluctuations in arrangements are continual welcome surprises, filling the songs with enough life to keep them from devolving to far into their seemingly meandering groove. However, despite the emotional and at times tense nature of the music, there always manages to be an ethereal presence throughout. Predominantly through spaced out guitar effects, but occasionally accented with the some old-school synthesizer washes, the music continually breathes a densely lush tense atmosphere. The vocals while not being front forward by any means command a presence, blending into the music enough to keep the whole album an experiment in climatic tone and presence, but one that works well as the artists presents his scarred portrait of humanistic reflection. Something that can be almost guessed by the title, the album finds itself musing the darker spectrum of topics, but that doesn't leave the album a dismal and bleak affair. Having an energy that verges from quirky to upbeat at times, this album manages to keep you engaged as it drags you along it's soulful voyage. Definitily worth a checkout for those interested in avant-garde pop rock.

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