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Review: PERTURBATOR - New Model

Glittering and bubbling it's way into a smooth crescendo, the deceptively serene atmospheres that start the album don't adequately prepare you for the dark and heavy sonic expressions that present themselves throughout the majority of the album. Fusing nostalgically crisp and crunchy analog sounds of Synthwave with the aggression and intensity found in modern Industrial Dance music, PERTURBATOR truly have expertly synthesized an amalgamation of sounds I've been searching to hear packaged together so perfectly for a while now. Fisting you in the face with the power of modern drum machines pushed and pumped to their fattest potential to create sounds that the early musicians of the 80s, that this music is so seemingly inspired by, could only dream of creating, this music never looses it's drive. Huge crushing drums as wide as you can get them push through the heavy swirls of post-soundtrack ambiances that make up a the glue of this intensely enveloping music. Capturing the wonder of space with twinkling and evolving pads, and the bleakness and danger of the cosmic expanse with pulsing and rippling arpeggiaters that just tear their way through the songs, and endless pummeled forward at the pace of war by the previously mentioned drums from space Valhalla, the epicness across this powerful album never stops. Verging from uplifting to invigorating, moving from introspective to aggressive, this deceptively simple affair of synths and drums manages to push itself across many a dimension of tone and style, acquainting itself along the way with the various highs and lows of musical presence and tension. Evoking atmospheres of cyberpunk dystopia, these equally captivating and mystifying sound collages would do extremely well as the musical background for a grand science fiction movie or video game. I'd highly recommend this album to any fans of progressive high energy electronic music or sci-fi laden soundtracks that have a bit of edge to them.

Catch the album on Bandcamp at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price:

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