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Review: Dissonance - Void

Emotive, haunting, and beautiful, the voice of Cat Hall echoes through the mechanical soundtrack of Dissonance's "Void". Her voice, stacked together usually with layers of contrasting effects and harmony, illuminate and contrast the cold chambers of the minimalist melodies found throughout. Embodying loneliness, loss, and hurt, this sorrowful soundtrack is a poetic Gothic musical outpouring, an album that stands on it's strengths of passion and honesty. Enough cannot be said about the vocal talent present on the release, with her strong alto near-Operatic style carrying through the album, with the many layers present through most of the tracks making her sound like a one person choir. The music itself, while not being particularly original, does manage to do a good job of carrying along the pacing of the album with perfect melodic structure and percussive ambiance acting as the perfect guide through the choral masterpiece that this album truly is. The music itself is kept sparse, with smooth pads, old-school arpeggios, and super stripped backed and spaced our percussion making up a bulk of the instrumentation. Having an ambient symphonic presence throughout, it acts as the perfect haunting soundtrack to the dissonant ruminations of the singer's agonized reflections. An excellent release for fans of coldwave, darkwave, or gothic pop music.

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