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Beginning with broken echo of the sound of a child solemnly singing over a haunting nursery rhyme, the tone of the album is instantly set preparing you for the darkly serene journey of sorrow and terror you are about to embark. A deep kick and moody pads are the initial sounds you hear on the first proper track of the release, pressing forward like a dark heartbeat of enveloping sadness. The sounds of raindrops trickling down a constant reminder of that there is no escape from the cold. Haunting choirs and off-putting keys play off of jagged traptronica inspired percussion. This is GHØS†BØY's "DEAD KATIE", a truly macabre witch house soundtrack to the haunted life of Samara, the girl known from the ghost story of The Ring. An unusual subject matter, but it manages to be a potent one in the hands of this Swedish producer. Pushing forward with an interesting collection of pulsing basslines, reverb drenched airy vocal pads, twinkling in the darkness bells and leads, and a perfect dosage of sorrowfully played pianos, this albums interesting mixture of emotive melodies and dark ambiance make for a very cinematic experience. A bit farther away in sonic tone from the tense horror of the movie that inspired it, maybe this takes a more humanistic approach at the subject matter? One way or another there's an almost uplifting nature to a lot of the of tracks, particularly near the endings, which gives you all that much more reason to see each track all the way through. It's definitily nice to listen to a modern underground electronica artist that keeps emotional tension and movement going from the beginning to the end of each track. Truly an engaging voyage from start to finish, if only it were to be a bit longer. At only six tracks, with quite a bit of the album being dedicated to ambiance and samples, you are left itching for more. But that's what a great artist usually leaves you feeling.

Check out the album at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want Price" on his official Bandcamp:

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Check out our interview with the main man behind the project on our official blog:

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