Infidel Interview #89: King Satan

First off, just want to thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews. Could you start off by giving a little information about you to the audience? Whatever you feel comfortable with, but name, age, and where you live would be pretty standard?

Hi, I am ALEISTER SATAN, founder and mastermind of KING SATAN and we play sort of combination of industrial metal, hard rock and aggrotech. Yours truly was born and raised in the city of Kuopio, in Eastern Finland, yet I have resided in Municipal area of the city of Tampere, Finland on/off for years now where I also founded KING SATAN in 2015. When I started the band, I was only official member first, and I played every instrument (guitars, drums, bass, synths) by myself in the beginning with some altering line-up I tried to gather around be, and did the programming together with vocals as well. Nowadays I am concentrating more to the vocals as I have gathered amazing group of musicians for the band. I am still the main songwriter, but it’s so good to have full line-up these days to help me to execute the vision.

How do you enjoy where you live? Is there a vibrant music community where you are? Would you say you find that your local scene influences your attitude and/or creativity?

I like it very much. I don’t live near in the city central, so I got enough distance to hectic side of the Tampere area as I have quite strong misanthropic tendencies that I sometimes confuse with sympathy and empathy and vice versa, but it all is within 10 kilometer radius from my home so you gotta love it as Tampere has so vivid music culture, whether it was mainstream, alternative or underground, gigs almost daily and all. Place to be indeed, be a fan or an artist. As a person and artist, I have never fitted in to any spirit or pattern alike of ”scene” or ”local atmosphere” per se, because I have done my own thing always despite of any external validation, so in the end I don’t really define myself by the place I live in. ”I” live in me, yet Tampere has been very kind for me and for my endeavors during the last years, so I have grown to view this kind of my hometown now too.

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When you first started making music, was there a particular sound or artistic/musical influence that you would say was your biggest inspiration to start pursuing the creative path yourself?

Inspiration and influences are not always so apparent for me as I have found that most of them are not conscious for you. The most strong influences goes into your subconscious and stays there, and they work through your conscious mind like trying to be recognized. But, my penny for the cause, ever since as a kid when I heard THE OFFSPRING’s ”Smash” I wanted to do my own music. At first I started doing my own stuff when I was like 9 or 10 years old, as my parents got me some computer softwares and I did some electro and beats, and this was because of THE PRODIGY fandom mainly if I remember right. However I was a kid then so the quality was very childlike, but it planted the seed for the future endeavors. I found my true musical and artistic calling as a teenager, when I found black and death metal genres first and then little later darker versions of electro, like aggrotech and industrial. I always liked everything taken to extreme, both artistically and lyrically (so. theme-wise) as well as being fascinated about occult, mysticism, theology, philosophy and psychology (especially the most extreme forms of them), it all felt fitting together. Searching of the self and the truth combined with creativity and artistic expression would meet in a perfect match in this path I am still walking on. I mentioned THE PRODIGY already, which should not be left unmentioned, but also bands like CRADLE OF FILTH, MAYHEM, BARATHRUM, DEICIDE, SLAYER, BEHEMOTH, SLIPKNOT, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, CMX, DISSECTION, SUICIDE COMMANDO, G.G. ALLIN, HOCICO, SKINNY PUPPY, DARKTHRONE, THE DOORS, MARILYN MANSON plays a pivotal role in the push to make me go up and down this path. And this only music wise, because I have really gotten my influences for writing elsewhere mostly. ALEISTER CROWLEY, C.G. JUNG and ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY has been probably the biggest influences for my thinking and therefore to the writings, yet I could not leave WILLIAM BLAKE, JIM MORRISON, A.W. YRJÄNÄ, MIHAIL BULGAKOV and SHAKESPEARE unmentioned either, as their artistic form appealed to me when I was younger A LOT. I hate name dropping in the end, cos you always forget to mention somebody or something that would’ve been obvious.

If you could say there are underlying themes or messages that permeate throughout your discography, what would you say are the most important concepts and ideas you've tried to express throughout your artistic career, political, spiritual, or personal?

It might come as a surprise, but the Devil’s archetype (which we know by name ”Satan” in Western culture, thanks to Christianity, it means by the way Adversity etymologically derived from it’s hebrew origin), in all it’s different manifestations thorough history of culture and ideologies has been kind of obsession for me whole of my life. Naturally my themes I use are much wider than that from all kinds of contemplative mysticism, practical occultism and philosophy all the way to black comedy and satire for psychology and society as well as sex, drugs and rock’n’roll type of attitude, but they all are spawned from this one obsession I have had for ages. I hate politics, so my texts and themes are mainly of spiritual and personal nature from it’s core. My ultimate underlying theme together with this is the searching of the truth and the meaning in this life and existence, saturated with this spiritual anarchy kind of attitude and certain ”Satanicism” (term derived from the combination of Satanism and Mysticism I started using to describe my world view and therefore underlying themes in the lyrics as I found Satanism often kind of misleading due it’s many different schools).

When it comes to your musical self and your real world self, would you sa