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New Album!: Venture - Reality Synth (Produced by Blando)

VENTURE, the New Orleans based hip-hop and R&B artist, has returned with another short but sweet mixtape/EP, producing by our very own Blando. Featuring more of their distinct combo of ambient autotuned sung-rap vocals, blended with Blando's unique sound comprised of dashings of vaporwave, hip-hop, electronica, and R&B; these washed out tunes sure do make some excellent night time cruising music. If you're interested in some seriously tripped out R&B and Hip-Hop music you'll be in love with this latest release which can be found for free streaming on their official Soundcloud:

Keep up to date with their latest activities on their official Facebook pages:音-楽-プ-ロ-ダ-ク-ショ-ン-980358828703435/

Check out Blando's music on his official Soundcloud:

Download their first mixtape on their official Bandcamp:

You can also check out their debut music video for the project for the track Never The Same (ft ACE RU) on their official YouTube channel:

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