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Fresh Trax! : Machines On Blast - Killing At Midnight

Providing their first original composition for 2017, Machines On Blast make a triumphant return with an equally emotive and brutal industrial gothic metal stomper, "Killing At Midnight". Tricking us into believing the track is going to be far more peaceful then it's true form is a brooding and melodic intro, drawing us into the tracks dark claws of despair. But as the song draws you in, you'll find yourself in far more dangerous territory. Blasting guitars, booming basslines, and screeching howls populate the tracks more traditional industrial metal choruses. Capturing the musical and emotional intensity the tracks lyrical content requires, any fans of industrial or gothic metal will find yourself at home in this fun track.

Catch it on Brutal Resonance's compilation INDUSTRIAL STOMP-OUT, along with 11 other great industrial artists, at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price on their official Bandcamp:

You can download all of Machine On Blast's music on their official Bandcamp:

Follow Machines On Blast on their official Facebook to keep up to date with all their latest happenings:

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