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Live Video: Ohmega (the Enemy) @ The Infidel Netwerk Endless Summer Party (NY Grill & Bistro, La

Giving us another stellar performance, the insanely rambunctious Ohmega (the Enemy) put on yet again a wild and spastic show for us (to highly entertaining effect) at The Infidel Netwerk Summer Bash @ the NY Grill & Bistro in Langley, BC, Canada. Capturing three more of his tracks is the lovely videographer Bailee F., with the videos of the performance being found below on the official The Infidel Netwerk YouTube channel.




You can find all of Ohmega's music on his official iTunes page:

Follow Ohmega (the Enemy)'s on his official Facebook page for all his latest activities:

You can keep up to date with all of The Infidel Netwerk's activities and events on their official website:

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