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Live Video: Bud-ski @ The Infidel Netwerk Summer Bash (NY Grill & Bistro, Langley, BC, Canada /

Bud-ski rocked the night with some dark and introspective tunes, opening up The Infidel Netwerk Summer Bash @ the NY Grill & Bistro in Langley, BC, Canada. The first two songsof his set were captured by the lovely videographer Bailee F., with the videos of the performance being found below on the official The Infidel Netwerk YouTube channel.


Down This Dark Path:

You can find all of Bud-ski's music on his official Bandcamp for digital download:

Follow Bud-ski on his official Facebook page for all his latest activities:

You can keep up to date with all of The Infidel Netwerk's member's activities and events on their official website:

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