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Review: Sikadime - Going The Distance

Fearless and relentless, this nationalistic British Columbian has been at the grind for a long time, putting out more then a dozen solo albums, and many more in collaboration. Even well into his career he manages to keep his prolific tendencies, with 2017 he has already brought us several releases, each sounding sizzlingly hot. Aging like fine whiskey, with each album seeing him only getting stronger and stronger, Sikadime truly is a testament to passion and persistence.

Walking a fine balance between ferocious intensity and bouncy playfulness, all while sounding valiant and smooth, Sikadime truly has managed to master his own unique brand of atmospheric pacing that really works to his advantage. Keeping his rhymes and rhythm consistently groovy and enjoyable all throughout, the album feels like he's strolling through the release effortlessly.

Even though he presents familiar themes of hard work, integrity, hustling and partying, he manages to keeps the content feeling as if it's being re-branded for a new generation. Sounding more natural then ever, this all attitude rapper's brand of ambition driven hip-hop is a well needed balance to all the meaningless and nihilistic rap that's all to at the forefront nowadays.

Calling out impostors, while breathing his own brand of authenticity throughout the entire release, Sikadime never falls into tendencies to over emphasize bravado or dramatize to the ludicrous, which means you will most likely find all of his lyrics easy to resonate with (especially if you got something your hustling hard towards). Relentlessly continuing to push his way to the top, his vigorous belief in the endless pursuit of the dream truly shines as the consistent theme that I find throughout his music. Resonating with his passion and attitude, I truly enjoyed this album, and look forward to seeing how big his already firmly established discography will grow.

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