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Review: RCThaHazard & J-ClawSin - The 386 Tape

HazMatCrew ringleaders RCThaHazard and J-ClawSin, two of the hardest working rapper/producers in the BC Underground, have teamed up once again, this time for their first official full length album together. And boy has the wait been worth it! With greatness touched upon in their previous mixtape fully expanded in this diverse and emotive release, it truly never fails to engage all the way through.

Eccentric and entertaining yet with lyrics that have a sobering punch of grit behind the grin, these guys clearly present themselves with a strongly composed balance between the dichotomies of seriousness and sillyness; the ultimate combination for a hip-hop album in my opinion. Moving between standard clear and pointed rhymes and effected sung and shouted interludes and choruses, through to more flamboyant performances of speed rapping or engaging in humerus tones and accents, the variety in their performance style always seems to compliment the flow and feel of the tracks, and overall album, never feeling out of place or forced. Throughout the release the guy's just sound like they're having all out fun, while still managing to get some masquerading personal and societal observations across.

Packing energy all the way throughout the albums, despite the variety in beat style and tone, even when they manage to get a bit deep and somber it's still seems filled with a vibrant playfulness that's keeps the excitement constant all the way throughout this awesome release. And mentioning those beats, all provided from in house production by RCThaHazard himself, they really manage to keep a distinct and unique tone throughout the album's listening experience. The quirky and groovy style prevalent throughout all the variety of beats really fits these artist's personal flow so naturally that the album really feels as made for them as it literally is. It's nice to see artists putting some effort into the overall package, and not just throwing something together to spit over. This truly is an album that sounds good from front to back, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves hip-hop and is open to bit of a tongue-and-cheek presentation.

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