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Review: Jerm La Haine - H+ U+

Never afraid to push new boundaries, while still always managing to keep himself on a strangely concrete sonic pathway, one in which he has carved through many years and an extensive discography, Jerm La Haine (ex-Transhuman Unit) delivers yet again another breathtaking release with one of his most recent efforts “H+ U+”.

Continuing to engage himself, and his audience, with an endless barrage of interesting and unique soundscapes, this release manages to be one of his most energetic albums he’s put out recently. Though not eschewing his love of creating deep bass driven progressive music that ultimately defies all sense of genre or musical convention, he definitely pushes a bit harder in this release with more traditional electro-industrial / industrial rock driven sound, something in which he has only hinted at in his more recent previous releases.

Though not groundbreaking by any means for this long-time rivethead, the strong presence of filtered and pulsating arpeggiators, droning atmospheric distortion driven guitar and synth leads, thick and aggressive bass groans, and industrial scraping soundscapes, makes this release his most “heavy”, in a more traditional sense, in a long time. The brutally crushing or devilishly sirene guitars present on almost every track contribute towards an extremly post-apocalyptic vibe, which ultimately fits well with his already dark image.

However the album isn’t just all electro-industrial rock grunge. It still manages to wibble and wobble from time to time with some deep LFO propelled moving bass lines which frequently pop themselves up. And he manages to bring the pace down to an almost soundtracky spaced out funk when the mood calls for it. However despite the variation in stylisms, it all presents itself fluidly, within the album’s progression feeling natural from beginning to end. It truly manages to capture all the different eras of his music in one cohesive package.

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