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Review: Gone In A Cone - Parasitoid

Returning for their second release of 2017, the progressive Greek goth rockers Gone In A Cone have been busy boys! Creating another collection of awesome songs that ooze with character and emotion, this introspective oriented album certainly captured my attention. With every intense track you find yourself drawn into their quest, an eternal search; a longing for answers to the deepest questions in life pertaining to love, death, and meaning. As always this group perfectly blends aggression with melody, often combining the two on the same track blending grit and passion in an an awesome uplifting way, further enveloping you in the sonic landscapes they so elegantly paint.

Embracing their rock side a lot more coherently on this release, the first half of album sounds a lot less jaggedly divided then some of their past releases, which could rapidly jump from style to style with little tonal consideration. While this effect created some really unique and interesting releases, in regards to this release the cohesiveness of consistent rock sound certainly works in it's favor. With powerfully bellowed vocals present through most of release, soaring guitar melodies crooning to you throughout, and a fierce amount of distortion cranking up almost throughout the whole experience, anyone looking for their next goth rock obsession: look no further!

However, not dodging out on some progressive and folk infused fun, they seem to take a sort of mid album detour for a couple of songs that really push back into some more traditional sounds and feels, with one song being dominated by an acoustic guitar and hand percussion (though played with a very Metalla-esk strum to it all, and with a vocal croon that reminds me of Godsmack's acoustic era), and another having some very folky tremolo played strings which barely represent anything out of rock or pop I've heard. And then of course there's the title track itself which blends ska, darkwave, and alternative metal in a strangely perfectly sounding fusion. Truly some different sounding stuff here, but even when delving into these more standout songs God In a Cone usually manage to keep a uniquely rock-edge to it all, which keeps the flow and groove of the album consistent all the way till the end. Once again these diverse greek rockers have managed to conjure up another great release, I'd highly recommend it to any guitar loving music fan who has an open mind to some great progressive tunes.

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