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New Album!: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Waiting Here For You

Fearlessly pushing forward with their first full length release in several years, the Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly duo have most definitily released their freshest and most entertaining album to date. Perfectly meshing a variety of new sounds blended from different modern EDM sensibilities, and blending it seamlessly with their previous trip-hop and breakbeat inspired electronica, this jam packed release is a most suiting addition to the 2017 release roster. If you enjoy dance music blended with smooth and downtempo inspired poetic vocals, then you will most likely want to grab "Waiting Here For You"

Download the album on their official Bandcamp:

Check out their official website to get the full lowdown on the group:

Head over to YouTube to check out their music videos and songs:

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Stream their music on their official Soundcloud:

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