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Fresh Trax! : Databyte - Motel Magic (Transhumanist Vocal Mix)

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Every day desperate women go out and put themselves at risk in dangerous situations where many degenerate, criminal, or mentally ill John's prey off of them. Prostitutes have a disproportionately high death rate, making it one of the more dangerous jobs in the world. Most of this is due to the criminalization of prostitution, which forces these women into the underground, which leads them into compromised locations with compromised individuals. No amount of prohibition will get rid of prostitution. But providing a legal framework for their rights could go a long way to giving these women the safety they need, and maybe even eventually a way out of that lifestyle if that's what they need.

This track writes through the perspective of a homicidal maniac bent on the destruction and chaos. These people exist, and doing what theProphet does best, these exposition style lyrics are meant to portray evil for what it is, not glorify it.

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Transhumanist is a collaboration between Brent Baldwin of Databyte, and Matt "theProphet" Smith of Jenova Project. Follow them us on our official Facebook:

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Lyrics What you want, what you need, Nothing is what it seems, Feel that hate, feel the fear, A darkness is far to near, Deep inside, a dark place, Gives me a new face, What I am, how I feel, Can't tell what's fucking real, The things that we have done, At the time they seemed so fun, What I want, what I need, Nothing matters or so that's how it seems.

Things we did tonight, Makes me feel alright, I know what I am, I know what I do, I know the evil inside of you!

Things I want, things I need, I will always need to feed, I don't fear your withering touch, I just want far to much, Can you take any more, Of being my emotional whore, I will tear you apart, I knew I would from the start, I would tare you apart

The games we played went on to long, And now I write this deadly song, I speak to you in my dreams, Only you know what I mean, I felt the hate, I felt the fear, Now it's nowhere near,

I miss the feeling of the rage, The way we always turned the page, Broke the limit, tore down the walls, Until the minute that we would fall, Nothing is real anymore, without my beautiful whore. You make me feel so weak inside But I don’t care anymore I don’t feel the shame I don’t feel the pain I just don’t want to hide any more There's never been a better sin, Then the one that I desire, As I look into your eyes, Will I drown in your sorrow Or will we find our broken toomarow in yesterday

Credits released April 19, 2017 Instrumental track composed and mixed by Brent "Databyte" Baldwin Vocals and Track Mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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