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Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Barely Holding On

Releasing their second track, accompanied with a music clip none-the-less, this year, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly have given us another excellent preview of their upcoming album with the groovy hip-hop & glitch hop infused EDM track "Barely Holding On". Capturing all the best of their musical styles, with dancey glitched out leads, tripped out electronica pads and sound effects, drums that proficiently shift between hip-hop and dance depending on the respective need of the individual sections, and shifting vocal styles that touch upon hip-hop, pop, and EDM. All of this excitment going on musically is accompanied by a musical promo video which features psychedelically arranged images and ambiently blended live footage. Expertly delivered and entertaining all the way through check it out on their official YouTube:

Download this release, or any of their excellent releases, on their official Bandcamp:

Follow Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly on their official Facebook:

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