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New Album! : Big Joe Daddy - Astral Circus EP

More adventures from the world of cartoon glitch-hop, Big Joe Daddy, the Californian glitch hop trumpeteer, has returned with his first release in 2 years, gracing us with 4 wacky awesome progressive EDM tracks which take inspiration from a wide variety of genres including Dubstep, Glitch Hop, IDM, Downtempo, Electro House, and more. All of this is controlled through his unique Trumpet-MIDI performance instruments, which allows for his completly unusual and interesting sounding sonic uniqueness.

Now out on Chillage Records

Mastering by Peter Farr

Art by Phoenix Myers-Wisgirda

Download the album on Chillage Record's official Bandcamp:

Listen the whole album for free streaming on Chillage Records official Soundcloud:

Mastering by Peter Farr ( )

Artwork by Phoenix Myers-Wisgirda"

Follow Big Joe Daddy on his official Facebook for all his latest activities:

Stream his music on his official Soundcloud:

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