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Infidel Studio One Blog: Episode 5 - March 6th 17'

Well there's been a bit of time between now and the last time I posted, and I wish I could say it was all because I was so busy writing I didn't have time to share anything, but alas it was just over a week since my last post till I could get access to my computer and hard drive the way I needed to. And over this last week I've basically been playing catchup. But boy, have I really hit the catchup process with a true fire.

Big M.I.C., Abyss, UltraLhtBoi, and Bubba Gums have all been in the studio relentlesstly, hitting out tons of new tracks. I got 7 tracks recorded with Big M.I.C., 5 with Abyss, and 19 recorded with UltraLhtBoi. And of course, me and Bubba Gums have finally finished crafting our long awaited M-Fap video, for a song in which he produced the beat as well. So it's been a real wacky awesome time over here.

Check out... UltrahLhtBoi's -"10x Ovr",

I've also been producing hip-hop beats like wildfire. That's probably been my real creative contribution over the last while (with the exception of the UltraLhtBoi material which I co-compose all of), having released 5 really solid hip-hop beats since getting my hard drive back in action, and having a solid 13 more beats in the archive that just need to be mixed (5 of those which I've made recently). So honestly, in the hip-hop/downtempo division I've been way more busy then I've even realized. Between the 5 tracks I posted, and the other 5 I did recently that are still in the archive I've written 10 tracks since being back. That's some pretty impressive steam, considering I've been mixing and mastering the stuff for my local recording clients as my main gig.

Check out... KVLT KRFT's -"Homicidal",

Which, I gotta say the new stuff I've been working on with my buddies has been just excellent. Everyone who comes in seems to have an authentic vision, as well as their material well crafted and prepared ahead of time, which really streamlines a lot of the process. A lot of the producing I have to do ends up coming down to mixing and mic placement positions, but when it comes to artistry there's very little guidance I gotta do as the people I work with just have things so well done. I've been truly blown away with the level of quality coming from the performers, and when they come in so strong and I match it with the level of detail I put into the mixes, truly magnificent things happen.

Check out... Big M.I.C.'s music on his official Bandcamp:,

A lot of the times before in my mixes there might have been issues with the stereo width being a bit to far out, or a bit to narrow, or elements of the song being a bit to squished during the mastering process. However, I feel that at this point these issues are becoming more and more negligible. My ear is doing so well with my daily mixing routine regiment I've set up. Consistency is key folks! And re positioning my speaker height has definitily helped me capture and receive the high ends of my mixes a lot better, and getting my speakers centered, and my listening positioned put in a equilateral triangle to the speakers, has really vastly improved my overall stereo perception. Can't forget the all important studio configurations.

Check out... KVLT KRFT's -"Homicidal",

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