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Fresh Trax!: UltraLhtBoi - 10x Ovr

Welcome to the official internet premier of UltraLhtBoi aka Jesse Damon Hill, the fierce psychedelic indie trap rap warrior from Langley, British Columbia. A true lean drinking, gold teeth gleaming, fighting machine this relentless force to be reckoned with has been recording for years, but only now has finally released a fully mixed and mastered track. Well worth the wait, this genre bending, mind altering masterpiece is ready to engage and stimulate your unprepared morsel. Prepare for the devastation, for this ain't you're daddy's hip-hop, 10x Ovr is bound to feature some sounds you haven't heard before. Completed in collaboration with The Infidel Netwerk founder, and Jenova Project/M-Fap/KVLT KRFT mastermind, theProphet, this stands as the first of many tracks to expect from this amazing collaboration wonderduo.

Download the track on UltraLhtBoi's official Bandcamp:

Recorded by theProphet @ The Infidel Netwerk studios and record label:

Follow UltraLhtBoi on his official Facebook & Twitter channels:

All lyrics and vocals by UltraLhtBoi Instrumentals produced by UltraLhtBoi & theProphet (of KVLT KRFT Productions) Mixed and Mastered by theProphet

You can find other beats made by KVLT KRFT Productions on their official store:

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