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Fresh Trax!: LICH - Boiling Point (Demo)

Short and brutally sweet, LICH has teased us with just over a minute of new content, manifesting itself as the demo Boiling Point. The first taste of his third album is an agressive burst of intensity, perfectly suiting of the nihilistic visions of the LICH. Check out what he himself has to say about the content:

"Greeting from the Pale Dawn, Crows. Due to my recent actions against the Federation, Scalden's dog, Vicor, has been tracking me relentlessly throughout the galaxy, seeming to anticipate my every move. Though I've had to keep my time in your dimension to a minimal, I have not been idle, A new album is nearly finished, 14 songs, 45 minutes thus far. Herein lies my proof, 82 fleeting seconds of it. take a look, Boiling Point!" - LICH

Listen to the song for free streaming on his official Soundcloud:

You can download his previous albums in high quality digital format at a "pay your own price" cost at his official Bandcamp, link can be found below:

Follow LICH's Facebook for up to date information on the project, and related media:

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