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Review: Gone In A Cone - Obscurist

Starting there album off with an over 7 minute epic industrial/alternative rock opera "Run Zombie" was a ballsy choice. But damn does it work out, drawing you into God In A Cone's latest enthralling release "Obscurist", with it's drum and bass inspired rhythms, alternative metal inspired guitars and vocals, and acid techno / industrial inspired synthetics and arpeggios . Continuing throughout the album to be just as diverse, moving at breakneck speed through a variety of different styles and emotional colors, the Conehead's continue throughout this latest release with the project's familiar trend of creating unique and diverse stylistic combinations, with this album taking a tour through: futurepop in the dance floor sensible "Dead At The Disco Ball", sleazy electro-glam in in the oh so naughty "Sell A Lie", progressive acoustic blues in atmospheric and pace changing"Mitheumata" and "The Sun Is Always Blue", traditional electro-industrial rock in smooth beast that is "Ill For Metal", or a desert rock inspired piano ballad in "Old Watcher".

Showing a clear preference towards guitars, with even the more dancier tracks often not abandoning them, opting to create rhythms and melodies with the stringed favorite that play off oh so well in the mix that you would almost swear, at times, that they were part of the synth parts themselves. However where this band truly excels is in the strong vocal melodies and harmonies and how they play off the excellent melodic structure of the songs. The way in which they expertly craft the whole experience makes this album feels like an epic mystical buildup taking you on a new journey with each track, with each sonic adventure bringing you to new places. Honestly, a truly emotive album all the way through, and one that you can easily find yourself getting lost into. A great release from a great band, with my only complaint being that I could have gone for a bit more, the album only cranking just under 40 minuntes. As always, I look forward to hearing more from this amazing group.

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