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Signal Operator Has Opened Up The Archive And Posted 3 Aggressive EBM Tracks For Free Streaming

Dark and melodic, but rhythmic and groovy, fusing aggression with dance sensibilities Signal Operator has opened ups his archive of dark electro infused EBM that he produced during 2010-2016. Featuring originals and re-recordings this destructive batch of industrial tracks will make any rivethead satisfied and keep their anticipation growing for what the future may lead for this epic project.

There are three primary tracks, Contagious DNA [Reinforcement] which is a 2010 tracks which was reinterpeted in 2014, Eevil Inside Me [Dead Verse Remix 2K14], a 2011 track which was remixed in 2014, and Rope On Neck (Warp Mix) which is a new instrumental demo he crafted in 2016. An excellent assortment of tracks with a coherent but diverse batch of sounds.

Check it out for free streaming on his official Soundcloud:

Follow his latest activities on his official Facebook page:

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