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Review: Emcee Kavi - Bar Smasher

Nothing beats a record full of classic hip-hop beats sizzling with authenticity, fronted by an awesome combo of intellectual and entertaining MC delivery. Emcee Kavi, a local rapper from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, delivers exactly this, with his debut mixtape. Featuring distinct and diverse vocabulary induced rhymes all the way throughout, Kavi provides extremely clear delivery with his downtempo relaxed and chilled out emcee style. Capturing a perfect combination of venom and introspection in the lyrics, relaxed and engaging natures to his delivery, and traditional and unorthodox beat choices, Kavi manages to create a release that contains both coherency and diversity.

Using his intellectual prowess to confront you with smatterings of visually inducing descriptive language and metaphors, and providing deep connections and allusions to concepts that may not be immediately drawn together, this talented lyricist keeps the ride engaging all the way throughout. However he doesn't manage to delve so far into the obscure that the points and concepts get lost in translation, with his clear delivery, excellent recording quality for his vocals, and attention to mixing and matching deeper lyrical concepts with more traditional song content making the entire package extremely coherent.

You can find the mixtape for free streaming on his official Soundcloud:

Make sure to follow Emcee Kavi on his official Facebook for all the latest updates:

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