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Review: Richard Ashley - Beats Of Fury EP

Richard Ashley, the main man behind the industrial outfit Komplex Machinery has returned with another brief by powerful release, this time shedding the alias and releasing it under his own name. Switching up his sound a bit and incorporating stronger dance elements, he fuses breakbeat, electro-industrial, rave house, and soundtrack electronica together to create a truly epic and cinematic musical experience, especially for the first two tracks.

All of the tracks feature pumped up and energetic drums which keep the pace for this short release energetic to say the least. However it's not all speed and no substance. Groovy bass lines and hypnotic sequencer synthesizer melodies permeate the release with all the appropriate dance sensibilities.

Returning a bit to his roots on the final track of the album, we get the only vocal track in the vitriolic sounding "Mr. Hyde". Featuring thick chugging distorted guitars, and equally saturated and rumbling synth bass line, with vocals sounding as if they're half snarled, this intense track really packs a bunch and leads you wanting some more.

The only downside to this release is it's brevity, but you certainly don't get any unnecessary filler! All three tracks are stellar!!!

Check out his official website, where you can find a purchase link for the release:

Find the release for free streaming on Spotify:

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