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Hart Goetze Uploads 2 Live Videos & A New Track!

Hart Goetze comments on That's How I Get Off: "Another fun band I played in, NEW DAY RISING (N.D.R.) live at STUDABAKERS, at KIngsway & Gilley in Burnaby. We use to put on a good rockin' show of original tunes in the day! Cheers and enjoy!"

Hart Goetze's comments on Gimme Your Money: "Ah yes, the endless days of music. This one was done at the TOWN PUMP in VANCOUVER when I was with CRESCENDO. Another great band in it's day, with this line-up. Enjoy!"

Listen to (It's Just A Moment) Between You And Me on his official Soundcloud:

You can follow Hart on his official Reverbnation to get a wider collective of his available tracks he's played on:

And follow Hart on his new Soundcloud to catch free streaming of all his newly remastered tracks from the extensive archive:

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