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Infidel Studio One Blog: Episode 4 - February 3rd 17'

So it's been an interesting few days. I thought my hard drive after repairing, formatting, and successfully transferring and playing data on it, was working functionally, but alas it doesn't seem to be. Luckily the data got backed up (mostly, a few files were corrupted, but when I say only a few I really only mean a few, out of millions of files I only had a few dozen lost, and almost all non-consequential stuff). AND I have more hard drives on the way from Bubba Gums who loves me dearly and wants to ensure all of our music is decently secure and backed up. WICKED! However, getting the original hard drive myself to get all the data backed up, as I mentioned before, sort of bankrupted me this month, so if there's any chance you could donate to my GoFundMe, it would seriously help cover bills this month. Every dollar counts:

Wank story aside, I've been really busy working away on new tracks, new projects, and new expansions for The Infidel Netwerk. As usual, with our relentless work flow, me and UltraLhtBoi hit up the (hopefully and finally) last track of our second album, doing all the instrumental and vocal recordings, as well as song construction and structuring, within a flat 2 hours. Smashing time for such an excellent spacey chillout post-hip-hop vibe track. We also assigned what are to be the first two singles that we're going to release from our first album, as well as decided which tracks are gonna be on each album. It seems as if the first album is going to be self-titled, and composed of 10 tracks, and the second album is gonna be called "LhtVoyeur" and composed of 8 tracks. We hope to get both albums out before the end of the year (actually both of them before summer actually, with the first one coming sooner then later). We also hope to do quite a few music videos between both projects. We'e gonna be starting shooting video and promotional content for the first two singles (which will be announced officially soon). And as such, I shall be over this next week banging out a mix for at least one (if not both) of them, with one of them being announced officially and distributed officially for your listening pleasure. Keep on the lookout!

I've also been relentlessly working away on my KVLT KRFT Productions hip-hop service. I've got several beats up in the store, and I actually had a super productive day today and ended up writing 2 more beats. Gonna have at least one of them mixed over this weekend and posted. What I really like about my hip-hop service is that we offer the full package. You get multi-tracks, full .wav files, you get mastered and unmastered versions, you have opportunities to communicate with the producer to get modifications done to the track, it's a full service, including mixing and mastering if you need it. I got it all covered. And I'm hoping I'll be able to keep the flow of tracks coming to. Consistent quality beats should hopefully get me some solid attention.

I've also been story-boarding the last scenes for the music videos for M-Fap. It looks like we'll have 3 initial videos for our 9 tracks album, and we might do an additional 2-3 after that depending on time, budget, and project priority. It's gonna be an epic ride. Prepare for a very visual fap. With lots of pie, chickens, condoms, and candy. The good stuff.

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